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Understanding India’s success with Polio Elimination

As the world gears up to rollout the Covid-19 vaccine, we revisited our learnings from studying a successful immunization program in India.  Polio eradication strategy was a global one, driven by powerful stakeholders from the developed world. The Government of India, in aligning with the global goal for Polio elimination, concentrated [...]
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Covid-19: Stories of impact

Work and Income As a small firm in the business of research and strategy, expectedly, our work is significantly impacted by the pandemic lockdown. This maybe true for most people, however, the severity of the experience is not the same — across large companies, self-employed, high-income groups, low-income groups. To [...]
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Brands and their Covid-19 Response

Summary of covid-19 responses by top Brands How did leading Brands respond to Covid19 crisis? A study of the largest global and Indian brands led to an understanding of 5 key themes of actions: 1. Support employees & partners to continue work safely and sustainably. 2. Speed innovations to develop [...]
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