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Kudumbashree: A Network of the Poor

Women of Kudumbashree There is special kind of ‘network effect’ and ‘platforms’ we should be talking more of. ‘Kudumbashree’ was setup in 1997 as a poverty eradication and women’s empowerment program by Kerala government. ‘Kudumbashree’ (prosperity of the family)is the largest women’s network in the world. It covers more than [...]
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Self Employed Women’s Association

What is the story of SEWA? SEWA began as groups of urban poor — marginalized, disempowered, migrant cartloaders, vendors, rag pickers — who came together to ensure basic dignity of work and labor for themselves. It started in 1971 as a wing within TLA (Textile Labour Association), the then powerful [...]
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Women Entrepreneurs: Housewives rise

My apartment complex, of about 700 households, is a vibrant centre of commerce. At any point in time there are raw materials being procured, goods being produced, and transactions being completed. All in the intimacy of homes and the neighbourhood. An app that enabled people to buy and sell meals within [...]
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