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capturing impact to envision scale for livelihoods in disability

Youth4Jobs, Disability & Livelihoods


Youth4Jobs focuses on preparing youth with disability for employment, facilitating employment opportunities and working with key stakeholders like employers to facilitate an accommodative and inclusive work environment.


How do we understand and consolidate impact of Youth4Jobs’ work over 9 years with an appreciation of its strengths, challenges and model of work? What are the leverage areas that can help create substantial impact in the future?


Following a 360 degree approach to understanding impact, we synthesised perspectives of multiple stakeholders and gained a macro perspective through study of best practices and frameworks, validated insights with aggregated primary quantitative data.


Comprehensive understanding of impact helped create fundamental themes of impact, map Youth4Jobs’ impact along the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We were then able to recommend the pathway for scale and growth that was best suited to the organisation aspirations and capabilities as well as the needs of primary stakeholders.