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defining motivations for financial inclusion campaign

WWB, Financial Inclusion


Women’s World Bank promotes financial inclusion of women – working on developing financial solutions, institutions, and policy environments in emerging markets. In India, they created a new financial product in partnership with Bank of Baroda, to encourage banking behaviour among women in low-income groups. We worked with Applied Wonder, WWB’s creative partner, to help iterate on and refine the creative routes.


How does WWB reach their target group of low-income women, given that this is a large, heterogonous group spread across multiple geographies? What could be a suitable marketing and communication plan for a financial product aimed at low-income women? Can this plan convert large numbers of women to adopt good banking behaviour?


We used fundamental concepts of behaviour change to study the context and set of financial motivations among low-income women and their families. An immersion into customer and channel (banks, bank correspondents) was used to develop the right target group, right messaging and helped identified the right media channels.


We delivered a structured comprehensive marketing and communication plan. A pilot was conceptualized and designed that could be launched across three major cities. The pilot design included resources and collaterals that would aid messaging to the urban low-income groups.