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crafting a relevant and differentiated global positioning

ti&m, B2B Technology


ti&m is a leading digitalization provider in Switzerland, focussed on delivery robust, secure and innovative solutions. It now aims to grow through expansion to other financial and technology centres across the world. We worked with Isoline Communications, ti&m’s marketing partner, to develop its positioning and content roadmap.


How does a leading Swiss technology company become relevant in other markets? What aspects of ti&m’s capabilities and heritage can prove to be important considerations for acquiring new customers in new markets? How can a distributed team brainstorm in a virtual positioning workshop and arrive at a global ti&m positioning?


We followed an agile and virtual process to consolidate ti&m’s global positioning. Online video conversations with key internal stakeholders across countries were complemented with a thorough secondary study of company literature and competitive landscape. This helped arrive at key insights and design of a positioning workshop that was conducted online with ti&m leadership.


An engaging and participative workshop helped evaluate multiple positioning options  and generated new insights to develop a differentiated and relevant global positioning for ti&m. This positioning forms the basis of development of new content and marketing collaterals.