make learning enjoyable

designing a community-led flagship programme

Kshamtalaya, Education & Governance


Kshamtalaya supports children achieve their true potential, by bringing about systemic shifts in learning and governance of public education system. Their focus is on developing caring and compassionate systems that build critical thinking skills, empathy, compassion, creative confidence and entrepreneurial mindset.


How do we create demand for education that is rooted in the needs of the community? How do we create democratic learning spaces that gives equal opportunity and create safe spaces for learners? How do we make learning a joyful experience?


We followed an intensive and immersive approach with our Creative Deep Dive methodology, conducting multiple facilitative sessions with leadership team and on-ground facilitators. These workshops helped develop 6-Day experiential learning festivals that could be taken across geographies. The focus was to promote learners to have autonomy over their learning and work towards building their creative confidence.


Based on the framework developed, Kshamtalaya conducted 80 experiential festivals in Rajasthan, Delhi & Karnataka reaching over 9000 students in the first year. This was a flagship programme that helped arrive at the foundational values of the organization and influenced subsequent programmes and practices. We also guided the team in creating the program concept note, festival collaterals, funding pitches and impact documentation.