capture our spirit

expressing organisational journey through creative storytelling

Headstreams, Play and Education


Headstreams is a grassroots not-for-profit organisation working in the fields of play, pedagogy, promotion of 21st century lifeskill and empowerment of individuals and local communities.


How do we capture the essence of the organisation’s journey over the past ten years with its diverse programs, people and experiences? How can the spirit of the organisation be communicated in way that inspires individuals, groups and institutions to join their efforts?


We developed an in-depth understanding of key stakeholders (board members, consultants, ex employees and leadership), their life-script, aspirations and their relationship with the organisation. This was complemented by a thorough study of the past and existing program literature.


We delivered a creative documentation consisting of a short film and an anthology of short stories that reflected the values and the essence of the stakeholder relationships with the organisation. Our facilitative process elicited a clear articulation of the organisation’s philosophy of ‘play’ internally and externally. It also built alignment across the organisation around the concept of ‘play’ as central to their work.