map our future

identifying levers to address health needs systemically

CORE Group India, Health


CORE Group is an alliance working with partner networks across the world. In India, they worked for two decades in Polio elimination in close collaboration with the government, WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International and local NGOs.


With Polio eliminated in India, what could be CORE Group’s renewed purpose and vision? What are the alternatives open to them given their existing skills and infrastructure? What should be their structure and governance for the way forward?


We conducted in-depth conversations with multiple stakeholders, studied secondary literature, and facilitated structured creative brainstorming. This helped us derive multi-stakeholder insights, understand trends and opportunities in the country and undertake systems-mapping of the health ecosystem that CORE group wished to impact in India.


We identified key leverage points, priorities and strategies. The Way Forward Report is a documentation of CORE Group’s strengths, opportunities, challenges and proposition. It is designed to be shared with multiple stakeholders and enroll partners for the future.