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optimizing process for effective content marketing

Ciena, B2B technology


Ciena is a US headquartered services and software company catering to networking needs of businesses. As a B2B technology company, its content creation is central to marketing. We worked with Isoline Communications, Ciena’s partner, to develop its content development and measurements framework.


With content being developed across multiple teams, how can Ciena evolve a content development framework? How can dispersed and diverse teams collaborate and develop content that is customer-centered and effective? What are the right frameworks to evaluate content performance that could inform plans going forward?


We anchored the study in understanding the organisational flow of content development process and identified the motivations and challenges across teams with regard to content. This was done through in-depth conversations online and in-person, deep-dive into existing content management system, review of analytics data as well as study of industry best practices.


Developed a simple and collaborative content framework that outlined key roles, processes and metrics to enable more effective and efficient content creation. Our multi-stakeholder and consultative process initiated a process of alignment building across teams.