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understanding retailers to revitalize customer experience

Bridgestone, Automotive


Bridgestone, a leading global tyre brand, established itself as a product and quality leader in India. The market now had come intensely competitive and was fast commoditizing. Bridgestone, needed to reaffirm its leadership in the customers’ mind.


How can the brand engage its extensive dealer network to offer differentiated and relevant customer experience? How can the retail strategy be differentiated based on type of retail point, target customer segments and activities at different stages of their purchase process?


Applying a solution-oriented and 360º research process we synthesized multiple stakeholder perspectives, conducted concept testing and mystery shopping to arrive at key insights. These insights were the stimulus for brainstorming and solution development in workshops with cross-functional teams.


Developed a retail classification model that was foundational to the brand’s retail revitalization. Clear retailer segmentation variables and deep understanding of motivations and barriers enabled designing for right support to enhance customer engagement at the retail points.