speak for the customer

discovering a customer-centric B2B positioning

BICS, B2B Technology


BICS is one of the largest global wholesale telecom services provider. It needed to evolve a refreshed global marketing strategy in the face of rapid market/technology evolution and intense competitive pressures. We worked with Isoline Communications, BIC’s content agency, to develop its positioning and content roadmap.


How can a global brand develop a positioning that is relevant in different regions at different stages of evolution? How can it align internal stakeholders across the globe to move to a  customer centered positioning?


Engaging key internal stakeholders in developing the positioning, we synthesized multiple stakeholder perspectives and mapped competitive landscape across regions to evolve key customer benefits and brand’s differentiators. These insights were the stimulus for a positioning workshop for the global team.


A refreshed customer-centric positioning with team alignment shaped the marketing plan and content roadmap for more effective engagement with customers.