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developing a brand strategy and marketing plan for a start-up

SureClaim, Insurtech


SureClaim is an insurtech start-up, addressing a significant need-gap of making the process of filing insurance claims easier and effective. Insurees currently are dependent on large insurance companies and third-party administrators, facing numerous challenges and delays in claims processing.


How can SureClaim achieve its vision to disrupt the claims market in India? How can it build a strong Brand synonymous with insurance claims? How does it significantly grow its customer base in both retail and corporate segments?


We followed an agile and iterative discovery process – telephonic and in-person as conversations with customers and partners; study of insurance claims market, analysis and reflection on SureClaim’s product and roadmap. The insights helped us arrive at a foundational Brand Concept – Positioning and Personality as well as marketing strategy and plan.


Our engagement helped define SureClaim’s Brand concept, annual marketing plan as well as the creative routes for online and offline marketing. We then helped finalise the creative and digital agencies and coordinated the initial implementation of all marketing activities.