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Engaging effectively to enable livelihoods

Social Venture Partners, Philanthropy Network


The Social Venture Partners (SVP) is a network that aims to create engaged and effective philanthropists. The philanthropists are largely successful Corporate leaders who fund and mentor not-for-profit organisations to solve complex social issues. SVP launched the Million Jobs Mission to impact one million livelihoods.


How can multiple stakeholders work together to achieve the collective goal of impacting a million livelihoods? What is the most effective structure given the needs of the not-for-profits and aspirations, resources and expertise in the SVP network?


We developed a learning and engagement framework based on insights gained from in-depth study with SVP partners, social organisations on the grounds, external experts and researching existing models of work in the livelihoods domain. We applied our Creative Deep Dive methodology to uncover deep insights and throughlines in organizational needs. Consolidating these insights with different possible networked structures helped arrive at a thorough and flexible framework to engage multiple stakeholders.


The consolidated engagement framework details structure, learning, process flow and resource requirements. It serves as a blue-print for the way forward for the Mission as well as the entire network. It also communicates with clarity, the model and plan of the mission within the network and to external partners.