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Life is creative. It plays itself into existence, seeking out new relationships, new capacities, new traits. Life is an experiment to discover what’s possible. As it tinkers with discovery, it creates more and more possibilities.” – A Simpler Way

Higher is one such expression of discovery. Discovery of our own selves; of what is possible when we come together. Our belief is that together we will be stronger, renewed and creative. Perhaps, this will lead us to envision a better world – just, able, alive and beautiful.

We see infinite possibilities for trials, errors, experimentation. This opens us up to new information, experiences and insights to help make meaning of the world. The promise is, freedom to be agile and creative. Perhaps, it will help us contribute to a better world.

We acknowledge that we are but a speck in this vastness of the universe. We may be participant observers and at the most witness the marvels of infinitesimal changes that underlie unlimited transformations. We recognize that we have been guided to try something together by a higher force – call it attraction, call it gravity, call it faith.


Parijat Sarkar


Nearly two decades of experience in the development sector building organisations, designing and implementing programs and campaigns using the lens of Systems and Design Thinking in the domains of Education, Livelihoods and Governance. Worked and consulted with transformative social sector organisations who have created large scale impact- like MAYA (Prajayatna, Labour Net, MAYA Organic), Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Kaivalya Education Foundation, Centre of Gravity Consulting and Social Venture Partners. At the core of her work is building community ownership around various issues and creating sustainable people-led institutions to address them. This has informed her consulting practise in developing organisational strategies for a varied types of social sector organisations, conducting impact assessments and guiding both philanthropic and CSR strategy and investments. Parijat is a post graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Monika Gera


Nearly two decades of Research and Brand Consulting experience in both corporate and development sectors combining appreciation of business and social needs and how they work together. Consulted with organisations across geographies - India, UK, US, Singapore. Some of her clients include Asian Paints, TATA Chemicals, WIPRO, Tanishq, Social Venture Partners. Helped organisations with Customer Segmentation and Targeting, Brand Launches, Market Expansion and Growth, Trend Forecasting, Digital Marketing and CSR Strategy and Impact Assessments. Monika is a post graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB).

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Swati Awasthy

Writer and Researcher
Swati has a diverse experience as a researcher, trainer and communications specialist. She is a Mass communications graduate who strayed into the developments sector partly by design but mostly by default. She has worked for over 18 years as a development professional/consultant to Non-profits and For-profits, her prime focus being Education, Youth development and volunteering. She has also been associated with some of the premier social entrepreneurship Award programs in the country.

Anand Subramanian

Sales and Marketing Consultant
Anand has nearly three decades of experience in sales, operations and customer relationship development. Having worked with companies like Siemens, IBM and Sun Microsystems, he brings an astute understanding of the technology business as well channel and customer relationship development. An engineer by education, he has worked across India.

Arya Thakur

Arya Thakur is majoring in Communicative English. She loves to research, debate, cook and write poetry. She also has plans to study law in the future.

Sunil Kumar